May 25, 2020A sustainable and vibrant community


The Application

The Chesterton Planning application is for:

  • Up to 2,350 residential dwellings, including 100 units of student accommodation & 60 homes for the elderly.
  • 9 hectares of employment land, generating in excess of 1,600 jobs.
  • A Community Hub including: a community hall; a sports hall; GP surgery; local convenience stores; & the possibility of a pharmacy, bank, restaurant and public house.
  • 3 Form Entry primary school / pre-school – with capacity for over 600 pupils.
  • Green infrastructure to include; 100 acres of open space; playing fields; allotments; environmental and ecological considerations.
  • Extensive landscaping.
  • New & improved pedestrian and cycle links.
  • Supporting infrastructure, for example swales, pumping stations, electricity substations, gas governors, sewerage and sustainable urban drainage systems.
  • Extensive transport infrastructure enhancements for Cirencester.

Reflecting on the consultation feedback, CDC’s request for further technical information and The Panel’s comments, BDL submitted to CDC the first package of refinements and modifications to enhance the Application.

  • Reducing the maximum building heights for two highest residential areas across the site by 1.5m
  • Reducing the maximum building heights for employment buildings in the north east of the site by 2m
  • Reconfiguration of the masterplan to reflect the comments received from the HSE in relation to the safety zones surrounding the gas pipeline
  • Provision for an additional 3 Local Equipped Areas of Play; 5 Local Landscaped Areas of Play and 16 Local Areas of Play.
  • Reducing the height of the apartments closest to Chesterton Farm.
  • Reducing the footprint of Employment buildings to the East of Spratsgate Lane
  • Retaining the existing hedgerow along Somerford Road
  • Showing the indicative locations of incidental open space on the plans
  • Improving access to the new Cranham’s Lane footpath link from within the new housing so it is clearer and more legible
  • Slight modification to the southern arm of Tetbury Road access roundabout.

A copy of the revised open space plan can be viewed below.

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